Board of Directors

2016-2017 Board Officers

Bill Soucie, President
Edward Stachon, Vice President Council Formation
James Hohner, Treasurer
Ann McCormick, Secretary

2016-2017 Board of Directors

Steve Amann, Director/District X President
Paula Haynes, Director/District II President
Jack Hughes, Director/Board Member at Large
David Kamper, Director/District III President
Kristin MacMurray-Schmelter, Director/Board Member at Large
Pam Matambanadzo, Director/Voice of the Poor Chair
Ann McCormick, Director/District IV President
Harry Ohde, Director/District VI President
James Plepel, Sr., Director/District VIII President
Holly Robinson, Director/District I President
Bill Soucie, Director/Council President
Michael S. Syslo, Director/Board Member at Large
Elizabeth Wakefield, Director/District XII President

All of the above are independent voting members

Spiritual Advisory

Msgr. Michael Boland, Spiritual Advisor
Fr. Gerard Kelly, C.M., Assistant Spiritual Advisor