Society of St. Vincent de Paul Chicago


Immediate Help Needed

Every day, we see pain and suffering happening in the world

Will work for foodWe see it on television; we hear it on the radio; we are immersed in it through our social media feeds. The Society of St. Vincent de Paul Chicago has been seeing the same pain and suffering in the faces of our neighbors every day since 1857 - the homeless dying on the streets; families that are evicted because they cannot pay their rent; children who show up to school hungry; seniors suffering from illness because they are unable to pay their medical bills.

We also see a staggering increase in requests due to the Illinois budget crisis, and sadly, a staggering decrease in philanthropic giving due to economic uncertainty. This is why WE NEED YOUR IMMEDIATE HELP.

Without additional support, we may have to cut funding to some of our most valuable programs, turning away the most vulnerable of our neighbors.

Please click here to read our story and help spread the news through social media posts and personal emails to family and friends. HELP US HELP OTHERS.