Society of St. Vincent de Paul Chicago

Cab Ride to Wellness

Cab Ride to WellnessThis family has received assistance from St. Vincent de Paul in a variety of ways over a number of years. Getting around and making ends meet was difficult for them as well as putting food on the table. There were health issues as well. When the volunteers would deliver food monthly they would ask how things are going, how they are feeling etc.

Upon one of the visits the client was crying as she told the volunteers about her husband who was critically ill and her inability to get to the hospital via public transportation. Given the client's medical issues and inability to get to the hospital, the volunteers got in touch with the treasurer upon completing the remaining deliveries.

Between the treasurer, volunteers and a local cab company we were able to arrange payment and transportation so the client could be with her husband as he recovered from his illness. Upon seeing the client the next month, she hugged as she thanked the volunteers for arranging transportation to the hospital. Her husband was home and doing well. A few simple phone calls allowed this client to be with her husband in their time of need.

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