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Restoring human dignity

St. Vincent de Paul Chicago helps a young veteran in needA young veteran requested monetary assistance from St. Vincent de Paul Chicago. Things were a little tough for him, but nevertheless, he continued his education and looked for work. During the home visit, it was noted that there were no kitchen table or chairs. He told the Vincentian volunteers that the only things he had were items others had gotten rid of in the complex where he lived. He was also without a bed frame for his mattress lying on the floor in his bedroom.

Within a few days of the initial home visit, a kitchen table with chairs was found in good condition and delivered to him. He was grateful to have a place to sit down and eat his meals. The bed frame took a little more time to acquire. Calls were made to several local mattress stores to try to get a bed frame donated, but the only way to accomplish that would be through corporate - not a fast process.

God must have been looking out for this young man as more mattress stores were called until finally, an employee at one of the mattress stores had just bought her dad a new mattress set with a frame and was willing to donate the old frame, which was in good condition. The employee was elated that she was able to help us help someone in their time of need. Arrangements were made to pick it up and deliver it to our friend in need.

The young man was taken by surprise and ever so grateful to have his mattress on a bed frame because he lives his life as an amputee. 

This story is a fervent reminder that everyday items we tend to take for granted can restore human dignity, and transform someone's life beyond compare. Together...we make a difference.

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