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A Veteran in Need

Unfortunately, many of our veterans find themselves with limited means and are unable to afford basic living and medical expenses

A Veteran in NeedFrank, a veteran who was looking for help with his rent was $200 short for the month due to a co-pay on an unplanned dental procedure. Within days of his call, a home visit was made by two Vincentian volunteers. Not only did the conference pay the rent shortfall but they discovered through the personal home visit that there were a few other bills of concern. They decided it would be appropriate to pay something toward the phone bill and electric as well.

Below is an excerpt from Frank's expression of gratitude.

I hope everything is going smoothly for you and all the good people at St. Vincent de Paul of Chicago. I am very thankful to all those who were so graciously moved by the Godly love in them to rescue a fellow human being during a time of need. I am grateful that such an organization as yours exists; like a breath of fresh air in the midst of these tough times. I hope to return the favor in the future when things start turning around for me.

God bless your families and all the efforts of the hearts at St. Vincent de Paul.



Frank, thank you for allowing us to repay you this small favor. You have more than earned our gratitude many times over for the military service you have rendered the citizens of this great country. We are honored to have been able to assist you in your moment of need. Know that your grateful heart is already blessed and able to help others you encounter.

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